Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stephanie McMillan, Capitalism Must Die!

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This 248-page book uses text and comics to explain in simple terms what capitalism is, how it works, why it’s irredeemable, and what we can do to end it. Oppression, ecocide, inequality, and exploitation can’t be voted away or escaped. We can’t get rid of them through consumer or lifestyle choices. If you really want to end the atrocities, you need to join the worldwide fight against capitalism!

Part 1 of the book explains the economic mechanisms of capitalism, and why the growth imperative is built into it. Part 2 explains the kind of organizations we need to build and support, in order to have a fighting chance against this ruthless global system.

Throughout, cartoons make the points even more clear (and might make you laugh as well). (Please note: the cartoons in the print version are in black and white).

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