Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ultimate ‘Reading Capital’ Post
Reading Capital by Louis Althusser:
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Reading Capital Politically by Harry Cleaver:
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Representing Capital: A Reading of Volume One by Fredric Jameson:
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Companion to Marx’s Capital by David Harvey:
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Marx’s Capital, Philosophy and Political Economy by Geoff Pilling:
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“To understand Capital, and therefore its first volume, it is necessary to take up ‘proletarian class positions’, i.e. to adopt the only viewpoint which makes visible the reality of the exploitation of wage labour power, which constitutes the whole of capitalism.
This is, proportionately speaking, on condition that they struggle against the influence of the burden of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideology that they carry, relatively easy for workers. As ‘by nature’ they have a ‘class instinct’ formed by the harsh school of daily exploitation, all they need is a supplementary political and theoretical education in order to understand objectively what they feel subjectively, instinctively. Capital gives them this supplementary theoretical education in the form of objective explanations and proofs, which helps them to move from a proletarian class instinct to an (objective) proletarian class position.” (L. A.) (x)

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