Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marx & Engels Collected Works (50 Volumes)

Marx & Engels Collected Works (50 Volumes)

This English edition will include the works and letters already contained in the main volumes of the above-mentioned second Russian and German editions as well as in the supplementary volumes of these editions already published or in preparation. It will embrace all the extant works of Marx and Engels published in their lifetime and a considerable part of their legacy of manuscripts— manuscripts not published in their lifetime and unfinished works, outlines, rough drafts and fragments. The contents of the main sections of the volumes will include authorised publications of speeches by Marx and Engels or reports of their speeches which they themselves verified. Author's revisions of various works are regarded as works in their own right and will be included alongside the original texts. Of the available preliminary manuscript versions, however, only those that differ essentially from the final text will be published in this edition.

Volume 1 (.PDF)
Volume 2 (.PDF)
Volume 3 (.PDF)
Volume 4 (.PDF)
Volume 5 (.PDF)
Volume 6 (.PDF)
Volume 7 (.PDF)
Volume 8 (.PDF)
Volume 9 (.PDF) 
Volume 10 (.PDF)
Volume 11 (.PDF)
Volume 12 (.PDF)
Volume 13 (.PDF) 
Volume 14 (.PDF) 
Volume 15 (.PDF)
Volume 16 (.PDF)
Volume 17 (.PDF)
Volume 18 (.PDF) 
Volume 19 (.PDF)
Volume 20 (.PDF)
Volume 21 (.PDF)
Volume 22 (.PDF)
Volume 23 (.PDF)
Volume 24 (.PDF)
Volume 25 (.PDF)
Volume 26 (.PDF)
Volume 27 (.PDF)
Volume 28 (.PDF)
Volume 29 (.PDF)
Volume 30 (.PDF) 
Volume 31 (.PDF)
Volume 32 (.PDF)
Volume 33 (.PDF)
Volume 34 (.PDF)
Volume 35 (.PDF)
Volume 36 (.PDF) 
Volume 37 (.PDF) 
Volume 38 (.PDF)
Volume 39 (.PDF)
Volume 40 (.PDF)
Volume 41 (.PDF)
Volume 42 (.PDF)
Volume 43 (.PDF)
Volume 44 (.PDF)
Volume 45 (.PDF)
Volume 46 (.PDF)
Volume 47 (.PDF)
Volume 48 (.PDF)
Volume 49 (.PDF)
Volume 50 (.PDF)


  1. Could you please make these available in an ebook format (such as EPUB or MOBI)? A PDF, besides being unwieldy and bloated, is nearly impossible to use without printing (it's meant to be a print format after all). The only convenient way to read PDFs is through a $400 tablet.

    An EPUB or MOBI file can be read on computers, tablets *and* ebook readers. The font size etc can be changed for people who have poor vision. Please consider making ebook formats for these.


  2. An EPUB format would be great.

  3. is it possible to zip all 50 pdf files. it would be helpful to download at a one stetch by the broadband users.

  4. Lines merged one in one.can't read

  5. Lines merged one in one.can't read

  6. why I can not download a lot of volumes for example volum 6 and 13,14,15,...