Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neil Smith, Essay Collection


Smith N - 'Academic War over the Field of Geography' - The Elimination of Geography at Harvard, 1947-1951

Smith N - Blind Man's Buff, or Hamnett's Philosophical Individualism in Search of Gentrification
Smith N - Bowman's New World and the Council on Foreign Relations

Smith N - Class Struggle on Avenue B - The Lower East Side as Wild West (Chap. 1 from The New Urban Fronteir)
Smith N - Contours of a Spatialized Politics - Homeless Vehicles and the Production of Geographical Scale

Smith N - For a History of Geography - Response to Comments
Smith N - Gentrification and the Rent Gap

Smith N - Gentrification and Uneven Development
Smith N - Geography, Difference and the Politics of Scale

Smith N - Geography, Empire and Social Theory
Smith N - Geust Editorial - Another Revolution is Possible - Foucault, Ethics and Politics

Smith N - Giuliani Time - The Revanchist 1990s
Smith N - Global Executioner

Smith N - History and Philosophy of Geography - Real Wars, Theory Wars
Smith N - Is a Critical Geopolitics Possible - Foucault, Class and the Vision Thing

Smith N - Is Gentrification a Dirty Word (Chap. 2 from The New Urban Frontier)
Smith N - Retro Modern or Revolutionary - Scale Shifts and Political Reaction in Twenty-First Century Urbanism

Smith N - The Endgame of Globalization
Smith N - The Region is Dead! Long Live the Region!

Smith N - The Satanic Geographies of Globalization - Uneven Development in the 1990s
Smith N - What Happened to Class

Smith N - Which New Urbanism - The Revanchist '90s
Smith N and Dennis - The Restructuring of Geographical Scale - Coalescence and Fragmentation of the Northern Core Region

Smith N and Schaffer - The Gentrification of Harlem